MicroBulk Systems

Our MicroBulk systems deliver BIG ADVANTAGES.

In many cases, it simply isn’t practical for your organization, lab, fabrication shop or medical facility to utilize full-size bulk applications. That’s why Compressed Gas Solutions offers the perfect solution – MicroBulk delivery systems. MicroBulk meets the customized needs of customers with usage requirements that fall between high-pressure or liquid cylinders and bulk tanks.

What are the BIG advantages of MicroBulk?

  • Save money by eliminating waste due to residual product and normal evaporation— may reduce product usage up to 30%.
  • Maximize productivity and minimize interruptions to your business operation.
  • Eliminate contamination risk and meet high-purity requirements (MicroBulk delivery does not transfer gas between multiple cylinders, which can increase the risk of contamination.)
  • Stay online with our telemetry which monitors your liquid levels, identify usage patterns, and automatically schedules deliveries.
  • Save valuable floor space. MicroBulk vessels can often be located outside and the product then piped to various use points.
  • Improve safety with lower operating pressure.


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