How compressed gases affect our daily lives.

Compressed gases put the fizz in our sodas; keep our party balloons floating; and incandescent lights glowing. They enable deep-sea divers to explore the oceans; and rockets to jettison from earth. Nitrogen keeps foods frozen while in transit and fresh after packaging. Liquid Nitrogen allows us to preserve reproductive cells and store biological samples. Argon creates an atmosphere for growing crystals; preserving fine wines; and acts as a shielding gas during laser operations and arc-welding processes. Helium is used to safeguard our Declaration of Independence; and as a cooling medium for nuclear reactors and MRIs. Helium is used to detect extremely small leaks; and in air to air missiles for guidance corrections. Oxygen is an oxidizer in fuels for propelling rockets, and controls the PH in water treatment plants. Medical oxygen is used to treat emphysema, pneumonia and heart disorders; in Hyperbaric treatments and Wound Care Centers. Carbon Dioxide is used to create dry ice; decaffeinate coffee and special effects in the entertainment industry. CO2 is the propellant for fire extinguishers, paintball guns and pneumatic tools.

From land to sea to space, compressed gases enhance life in ways you never imagined.

Compressed Gas Solutions can supply all of the compressed gases that affect your daily life.  “Gas is our middle name.”